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Ferro Titanium

We manufacture and offer ferro titanium that is used in varied industrial applications. Titanium metal has a high affinity towards oxygen though lower in order than aluminium and zirconium. But along with de oxidation, it has another unique advantage like affinity towards the dissolved nitrogen gas in the molten steel and produces a compound like titanium nitride (TiN) which again floats up the surface of the bath liquid. The dissolved nitrogen is removed by the use of titanium as ferro titanium.

These ferro titanium alloys are used as de oxidizer, de nitrogenator and alloying element. It combines quickly with carbon & prevents formation of chromium carbide (detrimental) in the manufacture of stainless steel and heat resistant steel to improve its welding qualities and corrosion resistance.


The specifications include:

Ti. % Si.% C.% P.% S.% Al.%
30-35% 1.5% - 2% Max. 0.05% Max. 0.05 % Max. 0.05% Max. 8% Max.
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